Documenting Cairo’s First Impressions

A one-man crew, zero-budget film.

Documenting Cairo’s First Impressions

Why are foreigners dreaming of a vacation in Egypt while we Egyptians are dying for a visa to emigrate somewhere else? Despite all of the problems and the reputation of the country, they are attracted here – why?

We Egyptians forever complain about the endless, chronic problems that surround us. Some of us think that living in Egypt is like serving a prison sentence. Is there something that we cannot see about the country? Read More

Students of Bonn

‘Students of Bonn’ is a photography project that takes place in student houses and shared flats. The project is for the sake of art and intercultural communication. The final outcome of the project will be shown in the form of photography exhibitions. The project is sponsored by the Studentenwerk Bonn and the Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen IFA.



Ding – China
China Studies

Find you pruner, maintain constant satisfaction and enjoys the self. You will reach your intrinsic peace. Ding practices Tai Chi early mornings on the grass in front of the dorm.


Abbas khan – Pakistan Computer science

Whatever you want, go get it! A multi cooker machine, an hourglass, or a Soda Maker for carbonated drinks. Once, he showed himself up holding a playboy calendar. By the end of every month, he flips it and stares at a new figure. He meditates and reads philosophy.


Aybuge- Turkey IT student
Aybuge- Turkey IT student

Be a reveler!


Katya and Knoepi- Russia

A big turtle sculpture in front of the door, a tortoise in a glass house, a rubber, turtle-shaped toys on the bookshelf and a fabric turtle medal.  As we spent one hour talking about them, at the day of the photo session, I got to know a lot about turtles .


Arnold- Germany
Media Studies

Arnold would give his T-shirt off his back or bake you a banana cake. He is a DJ with a fine collection of deep house and tropical Latin American music tracks.


Asma Al Abidi-Tunisia
Media studies

Walls covered with graffiti of chants crowds used to shout on the streets of Tunisia and Cairo…Asma took part in the early days of the demonstrations in 2011.

For the sake of change, she keeps her room in Bonn simple and minimalist. Asma is a journalist and a social media activist, spends some of her time watching free YouTube documentaries and sharing recommendations of good music tracks on Facebook. Read More