Students of Bonn

Aybuge- Turkey IT student
Aybuge- IT student

‘Students of Bonn’

Photography in dormitories and shared flats. For the sake of art and intercultural communication.

Ding – China China Studies

Find you pruner, maintain constant satisfaction and enjoy the self. You will reach your intrinsic peace. Ding practices Tai Chi early mornings on the lawn in front of the dorm.

Abbas khan – Pakistan Computer science

Whatever you want, go get it! A multi cooker machine, an hourglass, or a Soda Maker for carbonated drinks. Once, he showed himself up holding a playboy calendar. By the end of every month, he flips it and stares at a new figure. He meditates and reads philosophy.


Katya and Knoepi- Russia

A big turtle sculpture in front of the door, a tortoise in a glass house, a rubber, turtle-shaped toys on the bookshelf and a fabric turtle medal.  As we spent one hour talking about them, at the day of the photo session, I got to know a lot about turtles.


Arnold- Germany
Media Studies

Arnold would give his T-shirt off his back or bake you a banana cake. He is a DJ with a fine collection of deep house and tropical Latin American music tracks.


Asma Al Abidi-Tunisia
Media studies

Walls covered with graffiti of chants crowds used to shout on the streets of Tunisia and Cairo…Asma took part in the early days of the Arab Spring in 2011.

For the sake of change, she keeps her room in Bonn simple and minimalist. Asma is a journalist; a social media activist. She spends some of her time watching free YouTube documentaries. Her Facebook wall is an up-to-date interculture magazine. I used to pass by her page for recommendations of alternative music genres and songs.


Cati – Germany
Political studies

Books, Hannah Arndt, politics, SPD, wine, pictures and posters of contemporary modern artists,  painting, framing and interior design, Hip Hop music, fashion and second hand clothes, and dogs.


Danielle – Brazil
Media studies

The tidiest room of the collection. Danielle is the environmental and sanitary mentor of the dormitory. One thing she does often is sitting on the bed, stare at the wall in front and do nothing. Danielle collects wine glasses from restaurants and bars she visits. Danielle likes wearing Flip-Flops.



Dominik – Germany
Asia studies

Dominik is obsessed with Asia. After the conclusion of his bachelor in physics, he decided to master Asia studies in Bonn University. He and his girlfriend Melody, live in a little studio in Altstadt. The handmade reddish Bodhisattva bust is the most appreciable object in his room. It reminds him with the time he spent in the Tibetan temples. Good days full of impressive glorious art.


Eleonora Antico – Italy
Art studies

No argumentation, no arrangement, be naturalistic. Eleonora Antico is aptly named. She is the only student in the collection who studies history of art. Her most favorite object in the room is the pillow.


Furqan – Pakistan
Computer science

Furqan dismantled his two-pieces corner desk turning it into one piece to have more space, in which his prayer mat would fit.


Hari – India
Computer science

Geek and sci-fi movie-addict.  Tonight he watches the movie ‘One Day’.


Hedrik Erz – Germany

“It is always very professional, when you improvise in such a way that helps you!”


Jacob – German-Briton
Molecular Biology

Lie back indoor, Layback outdoor. In the room, Jacob lies on the bed eating pizza, listening to Goa music and watching down at the Earth on Nasa YouTube channel. In the bouldering hall, he uses Layback techniques to climb. It is astonishing how he easily shifts his mind and vegan-grown body from one condition to the opposite.


Jenny – Ecuador
Media Studies

Jenny is a perfectionist.  I remember I kept stretching the sheet for a while, so that no creases would appear on the photo. Jenny is a photographer and likes coloring books.


Jierui – China

Meet Jierui Yong.


Yuan He – China
Agriculture science

Randomly knock doors, when you need help. Yuan plays free-style street soccer. His precious moment is when he sets on the couch to watch a cartoon series at the end of a long day. He knocked doors of dorm-mates asking for participation in the project.


Jun – China
Law Studies

Looking up with wide-open eyes and big round smile, he instantly pointed at the Rice Cooker next to him and said “Der Reiskocher”, when I asked Jun about the most necessary object in the room. Jun spends time in there reading history of ancient empires.


Katerina Wecker – Germany
Media studies

Fine journalism and an eternal cup of coffee!


Computer Science

A professional ballroom dancer. Alina spends her leisure time on coloring and drawing.


Lilit – Romania
Computational Biology

Lilit is not there!


Linara – Uzbekistan
Computer science

Share is Care! Lina bought the camera on her Online Shopping Account as mine was suspended. We share a Netflix account. She is a movie addict and a good pastry chef.


Lisa Kuegle – Germany
Political science

A special taste for dressing, an acute look at things and a walk wearing a stylish retro coat discovering vintage clothing boutiques hidden in small allies of the town.



Ly – Germany
Media studies

A pianist living in a spacious open room often occupied by strangers, stuff and a roaming rat.




Mari – Germany





Max (before) – Ukraine Computer science

What max regularly does in his room cannot be revealed to the public. What he does not mind to reveal is that he practices neo-expressionism drawing. We agreed on meeting again in 20 days with the hope that he would color the drawing complete…




20 days later




Memansa – India
Life science and Bioinformatics

Hard to describe!



Olena – Ukraine
Media Studies

A caring mother plants kernels of walnut in the soil of a house garden in Ukraine so that I eat them in Bonn; Cheese, juicy grapes, salad, walnuts,  and bread on a plate with a classical still-life painting; a royal delicate veggie supper on a round table.  Taste of deliciousness and nutrition filled my mouth as I ate the tiny greasy walnuts. Setting and slightly staring with no words but a slumberous look in eyes, I talked to myself and thought about lucky times and ways, in which I kept meeting nice people granting me time and access to their personalities.


Patricia – Ecuador
Media studies

Patricia spends time in her room watching political talk shows and laughing beautifully.


Ricardo – Mexico Media Studies



Ricardo – the politically incorrect

The text below is the description of Ricardo in his own words (after rephrasing).

Avoid discrimination but enjoy insulting all equally. A media geek, a pseudo-hipster, a trendster, a stand-up and cringe comedian; with Threadless T-shirts. A podcast at some irregular times due to laziness. Ricardo’s bread and butter is mocking fun at people: men, women, black, white, Asian, fat, disabled, religious, gay, straight, fit and sporty people. His interests and hobbies range from writing and photography to hiking, camping and biology. Now, he is carving a log into what -he wishes- will be a bow of Legolas,  one of ‘Lord of The Rings” characters. His carving tool is his belt’s buckle.



Syed Shoeib – Pakistan Computer science

“The picture that you took with your camera is your imagination of  reality”— Scott Lorenzo.

Watch a Video

This short video is an insider and a glimpse of lives inside rooms and private territories of students in dormitories and shared flats.  It counts as a documentation of what went on behind the scenes.



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